Kids Photography


Ahh, kids. They are the source of all life's joys... And all of life's frustration. Perhaps you have brought your children to a department store's photography studio. Nothing like trying to get your child to smile in a strange foreign environment. Add to that, the impatient looks of the next person in line. This is where we come in. We will come to you. We will set up in YOUR living room, or any fairly open area. Your child will be more comfortable, and so will you. We have the time and patience to deal with the... energy of children. We give you a block of two hours for the included price of $100. We will touch up up to four images to make them more perfect than perfect. :) At the end of this shoot, you will have close to a hundred full resolution digital photographs. We provide you with all the rights to print whatever you want! No expensive per print costs. You can make christmas cards, gifts, or just plaster your house with your child's / children's smiling face. You are welcome to post these images on facebook, or email them to grandma.

We also have the ability to photograph your child in front of a green screen. This allows you to place them in front of a variety of digital backgrounds. You can use some of ours, or choose some of your own. Since there is a bit more processing and work on our part, plan on $10 per processed picture. Check out our green screen gallery to give a couple of quick examples.