Senior Photography


We have the ability... and will take the time to get the look you want. We are not an assembly line, rushing you through the process. Take your time, get comfortable. We will come to your house, or a site of your choosing. This keeps you in YOUR comfort zone. Try on as many outfits as you like. Try as many props as you like. Show what defines you as a senior and a person. We will make it perfect. At the end of the typically two hour session, you will have close to a hundred pictures to choose from. When you let us know your four favorites, we will touch up any... shall we say... imperfections :) all included in the price.

Speaking of price, we are a fraction of what the others cost. For $100, you get two hours of photography, all the rights to the digital full - resolution images, and our full attention. We are willing to roam to sites within 25 miles of Titusville, all included in the price. If we are setting up in your house, it will take 10 minutes or so to set up the lights and background stands. It will take a similar amount time to take them down. If you want more time with us, it's $50 an hour. We are pretty flexible, so if it's 2:05, you are still good to go. Relax! We don't want you worrying about it! You will have PLENTY of good shots. Get in touch and we'll get you set up.

We also have the ability to shoot you on a green screen and put you on an exotic/fun background of your choosing. We have a bunch to choose from, or you can harvest one of your own. Check out some of the shots in our green screen gallery for a small sample. These shots will cost a bit extra since they require a little more work on our part. Plan on $10 per green screen picture processed.