1. Q: Where are all the FAQs?

A: They are coming...this page is still in work!


2. Q: I can see Russia from where I live. Will you come to my house to do a shoot?

A: You betcha! It'll cost you $.50 a mile past 25 miles from from Titusville, FL. This applies even if you can't see Russia from where you live - we'll travel to you for free up to 25 miles from Titusville, then it's $.50/mile after that.


3. Q: How big a space do I need in my house to set up in?

A: We need about an 8' ceiling, and at least 10 feet of clear space for a good head and shoulders shot (this would be 10' between your background and where the camera would be set up, and we'll get you set up somewhere in between the two). If you want full body shots, 15-feet is good. If you have a place you desperately want your pictures taken that don't meet these criteria, let us know, and we'll do the best we can.


4. Q: I have a perfect location in my secret volcano lair, can you shoot me there?

A: If you have 120 volts, we can do fabulous things with lights. If not, we can use portable strobes to make you happy. Again, this applies even if your location is not a secret volcano lair - ideally we can plug in the lights for the easiest results, but we have portable strobes that do not need to be plugged in.


5. Q: My child will only smile for photographs if the photographer is wearing a clown costume, can you handle that?

A: If you provide the costume and face paint, we'll provide the smile. For children who have less specific requirements for smiling (you know - funny people doing funny things), we should be ok. If there is an item that your child loves or will always smile when they see it, it won't hurt to have it available during the photo shoot.


6. Q: What do you mean by props?

A: We mean anything. Flowers, sports equipment, shotguns, skateboards, computers, cellphones, varsity jackets, girl/boyfriends, whatever... If it says, "this it me", then we will make it work. By the way, If your thing is scuba or rock climbing, we may have to fake it :).


7. Q: How good is your equipment?

A: We use Canon camera bodies and lenses. We have a variety of bodies, including the XT (modified for infra-red), the XSi, the 50D, and the 5D MKii. We generally use only one or two camera bodies per photo shoot. In terms of lenses, we have the 28 F1.8, 50 F1.8 mkii, 50 F1.4, 85 F1.8, 100 F2.8 Macro, 400 5.6L, 17-40F4L, 17-55 F2.8IS, 17-85 F4-5.6 IS, 24-105 F4L IS, 70-200 F4L IS, and even a 18-55 F4-5.6IS and a 75-300 F4-5.6, although we don't generally use the last two to photograph people. In addition to the camera bodies and lenses, we have lighting equipment, including a couple of 580 EXii strobes, an alien bees studio strobe or two, and some old manual flashes (these things never stop working!). Trust us, we can make you and yours look good. All of our shots should be able to make prints larger than you are willing to hang in your house (if you have a multi-story house and intend to make a multi-story-tall print, please let us know in advance so we can talk about it...we may want to include your therapist in this discussion).