Event Photos




Pricing for these photos is a little special and probably not what you are used to. Basically, we are asking you to pay what you think they are worth. If you
want to pay 20 dollars, great! If you want to grab it for nothing, thats OK too. Heck we even accept Corvettes, though it would help if
you gave us 2 of them.
Payments are made securely through PayPal, and it is the last step in the process.
All your images will be sent to you in Full Resolution with no watermark. By Full Resolution, we mean 15, or 21 megapixels (depending on
the camera body we used for that image). Each image can be up to 10 Megabytes, and will be emailed by itsself. If you order 4 pictures, you will
get 4 emails.

NOTE: These photos are arranged in order by time of day (early first). There are 100 photos per page.